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Host immunity modulates the efficacy of microbiota transplantation for treatment of Clostridioides difficile infection

Littmann ER, Lee JJ, Denny JE, Alam Z, Maslanka JR, Zarin I, Matsuda R, Carter RA, Susac B, Saffern MS, Fett B, Mattei L, Bittinger K,  Abt MC. Nature Communications. (2021). 12(1): [PMID: 33531483]



Loss of Interleukin-10 Signaling Promotes IL-22-Dependent Host Defenses Against Acute Clostridioides difficile Infection

Cribas ES, Denny JE, Maslanka JR, ,  Abt MC. Infection & Immunity. (2021). [PMID: 33649048]




Detection and elimination of a novel non-toxigenic Clostridioides difficile strain from the microbiota of a mouse colony

Maslanka JR, Gu CH, Zarin I, Denny JE, Broadaway S, Fett B, Mattei L, Walk ST,  Abt MC. Gut Microbes. (2020). 12(1): [PMID: 33305657]



Clostridium difficile colitis: Pathogenesis and host defence

Abt MC, McKenney, PT, Pamer EG. Nature Reviews Microbiology. (2016). 14(10): 609-620. [PMID: 27573580]




TLR-7 activation enhances IL-22 mediated colonization resistance against vancomycin resistant enterococcus

Abt MC*, Buffie CG*, Susac B, Becattini S, Carter RA, Leiner I, Keith JW, Artis D, Osborne LC, Pamer EG. Science Translational Medicine (2016) 8(327). [PMID26912904]

  *These authors contributed equally to this work


Innate Immune Defenses Mediated by Two ILC Subsets Are Critical for Protection against Acute Clostridium difficile Infection

Abt MC, Lewis BB, Caballero S, Xiong H, Carter RA, Susac B, Ling L Leiner I, Pamer EG. Cell Host Microbe (2015) 18(1): 27-37 [PMID26159718].


Commensal bacteria calibrate the activation threshold of innate antiviral immunity

Abt MC, Osborne LC, Monticelli LA, Doering T, Alenghat T, Sonnenberg GF, Paley MA, Antenus, M, Williams KL, Erikson J, Wherry EJ, Artis D. . Immunity. (2012). 37(1): 158-70. [PMID: 22705104]

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